The 7 Best Big Man Recliners for Big & Tall Person in 2023

As a big and tall person, you’ll need a heavy-duty big man recliner that will support your weight and structure. And if it comes with an easy-to-control mechanism, adjustable sitting position, cup holders, and robust metal structure, you will have the time of your life!

Besides having excellent weight capacity and lumbar support, these qualities are also necessary for a comfortable experience.

Best Big Man Recliners

Yes, a recliner with these features sounds like a dream come true, but it’s possible now. Manufacturers have seen the bigger picture and making these seats for the plus-sized fellas out there!

And today we’ll tell you everything about these best big man recliners. So if you’re looking for one, this article will be your guiding light!

Top 7 Best Big Man Recliners Reviews | Recliners for Big and Tall Person

There are tons of recliners out there, but not all of them are suitable for heavyweight and tall people. You wouldn’t want to spend a significant amount of money on something that won’t even last for a year!

Therefore, we have prepared this list for you that will allow you to have a comfortable chair without any hassle. So let’s get into that part right away!

1. CANMOV Power Lift Big Man’s Recliner Chair with Safety Motion Reclining Mechanism

CANMOV Power Lift Big Man's Recliner Chair with Safety Motion Reclining Mechanism

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The first product on our list is CANMOV that comes with all the advanced features to ensure a delightful seating experience for you. Once you look at this one, you will know that it’s your one true soul mate!

This big man recliner is a combination of style and functionality, which is everything we need. It comes with a modern outlook that will be perfect for your house if you are into sleek décor. And you will get different color options hence you can choose the most suitable one for your interior.

As it is built with a super sturdy mechanism, any plus-size person can sit on it without any struggle. Thanks to the overstuffed pillow design on the back, you will get excellent support all the time. Moreover, the convenient armrest will make your experience more delightful than ever!

This chair has a high back design, so you will never feel any discomfort if you are taller than average folks. And you will be able to lay back or tilt the chair pretty quickly, which is another great feature offered by this product.

It is made with a 65-inch extended length, and the maximum loading capacity is 300 pounds. So no matter how big and tall you are, you can sit comfortably in this recliner in any condition.

Thanks to its top-notch microfiber upholstery, you will get the coziest feeling while chilling in this recliner. It is made to provide the ultimate sitting experience for the user. Therefore, you can get this one to enjoy your weekends and every passing time.


  • Comes with super soft cushioning for the utmost comfort.
  • Designed with side pockets for storing accessories
  • Constructed with a heavy-duty metal frame to make it long-lasting
  • Offers multiple sitting positions that will allow you to relax in any condition


  • · Doesn’t have any cup holders

2. Signature Design by Ashley Oversized Big Mans Recliner

Signature Design by Ashley Oversized Big Mans Recliner

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This power lift big man recliner is one of those products that come with an easy-to-control mechanism. To get the most comfortable lounging experience, all you need to do is to press a button!

Though the brown saddle upholstery gives you a leather-like vibe, it is made with thick poly fiber. This material makes this structure more durable than ever, and you will feel the utmost comfort all the time.

It comes with a high back to support the tallest person out there. Moreover, the thick cushions will hug your body like clouds so that you will enjoy your leisure with supreme coziness.

This metal reinforced seat can withstand a heavyweight person without any trouble. Moreover, it is designed with a sleek outlook; hence it will look good in any modern household.

One of the most excellent features of this product is that it comes with a four-motor construction to offer you ease of adjustability. Thanks to this feature, you can separately control the lumbar support, leg rest, backrest, and headrest.

In this way, you can customize your seating position just like you want.

Despite being heavy-duty, this chair isn’t bulky at all. That’s why it will fit through any door, and your house will not look cluttered all the time. And if you are living in a tight place, this seat will be your savior.

In addition, this recliner is pretty easy to assemble, and anyone can do it without any additional help. Even if you are not good with tools, you won’t feel any difficulty during the installation procedure.

To make everything more user-friendly, it is designed with a side pouch. You can keep your magazines and remote controls there to enjoy your leisure to the fullest.


  • Faux leather finish makes this chair look gorgeous
  • Comes with a sleek outlook to save space in your room
  • Remote control makes it easy to operate
  • Offers you multiple seating positions to ensure the utmost comfort for you


  • Cushion might be a little firm for some users

3. Catnapper Oversized Rocker Recliner- Catnapper Big Man Recliner

Catnapper Oversized Rocker Recliner- Catnapper Big Man Recliner

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The Catnapper big man recliner comes with all the advanced features you need to relax. From contoured backrest to heat and massage, you will get all the fantastic benefits once you get this one.

As the structure is constructed with heavy-duty steel, it can withstand the weight of any bulky person without any trouble. Moreover, the 8-gauge steel springs make sure that you can enjoy this chair’s service for a long time.

It is designed with a loading capacity of 250lbs, so you can understand that it is specifically made for big men out there. So is you are looking for a seating arrangement that will save you from all the struggle, you can pick this one for a better experience.

The upholstery is made with polyester, so it will be easy to maintain. Additionally, this material is durable enough; hence you won’t have to worry about buying another chair shortly.

On top of everything, it is designed with an extended ottoman which is great news for all the tall people out there. You can stretch out your long legs at the end of the day; what else do you need?

And this recliner comes with heat and massage features which is the icing on the cake! Now you don’t have to go to any expensive spa resort as you will have everything in your living room now!

Additionally, the memory foam topper is gel-infused to ensure the coolest experience for you. So for the utmost relaxation, you can keep this product on your wishlist.


  • Heavy-duty steel structure for enhanced durability
  • A gel-infused memory foam topper creates the perfect cushioning for you
  • Polyester upholstery is easy to maintain
  • Designed with heat and massage features to offer the utmost comfort
  • Extended footrest allows you to sit without any struggle


  • Bit pricey

4. Merax Recliner Chair for Extra Large Lazy Boy

 Merax Recliner Chair for Extra Large Lazy Boy

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Here is another top-grade product on our list, perfect for big and tall people out there. Thanks to its convenient design, anyone can sit on this chair without any trouble.

It is designed with a high resiliency foam cushion that will make you feel like you are sitting in the clouds. This cushioning is filled with a high-density sponge which is there to ensure excellent support for your body.

This recliner is designed with an LVL framework to make the whole thing exceptionally robust. And it comes with a loading capacity of 300lbs so that any plus-size person can get this product for the most long-lasting service without any doubt.

Despite being hard-wearing furniture, it has a pretty lightweight structure. Hence, you can easily move it around, and this is a rare quality in chairs like this, to be honest!

This chair is designed with an extended length of 64-inch. Therefore, a tall person can sit on it without any issues. Moreover, you can adjust your seating position just by pulling a lever; how amazing is that?

You can go up to a 140-degree angle to relax while watching tv or reading magazines. Your neck and spine will always be in good hands if you start using this chair regularly.

Even the armrest of this chair is padded to provide the utmost comfort. And you will also get two cup holders that will hold your drinks while you are playing games on your PlayStation.

Additionally, the faux leather upholstery provides an elegant outlook. Hence, you can take a look at this recliner for the most relaxed experience, and you won’t be disappointed at all.


  • A sturdy steel frame ensures higher durability
  • Faux leather finish gives it a sleek outlook
  • Offers you to enjoy multiple seating positions so you can have a relaxing experience
  • High resiliency cushioning allows you to have the utmost comfort
  • Comes with cup holders and storage pouches for better convenience


  • This chair doesn’t rock, only reclines

5. Lane Stallion Big Man Comfort King Wallsaver Recliner- Lane Stallion Big Man Recliner 500-lb

Lane Stallion Big Man Recliner 500-lb

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This Lane Stallion big man recliner comes with a wall-saver design which is good news for people living in small places. Moreover, it’s equipped with all the advanced features to ensure the utmost relaxation of the user. So let’s get to know about this product more elaborately.

If you are big and tall but having trouble with the seating arrangement in your house, you can get this one for a breezy experience. It is designed with a horseshoe-shaped back to provide the most excellent support for you all the time.

Additionally, the squishy cushioning will hug your whole body like a soft blanket, and that’s everything you need.

One of the most remarkable features of this product is that it comes with a weight capacity of 500 pounds! Well, let’s take a moment of silence to savor this information!

So no matter how big and tall you are, you will never have to struggle with your seating position ever again, which is a sigh of relief! In addition to all, it offers you an extended length of 79 inches. Therefore, stretching your long legs won’t be an issue anymore.

To make the whole thing highly durable, this recliner is constructed with super heavy 7-gauge steel. Hence, if you buy this chair, you don’t have to worry about getting another one in a long time.

At the full reclining position, it will turn into a king-sized mattress. However, this chair is made with a wall-saver design; hence you can keep it against the to save a lot of space around the house.

Considering all its unique features, if you want to get the widest recliner for the biggest person, you can think about getting this one.


  • Comes with 500 pounds weight capacity to support any plus-size person
  • Made with a 7-gauge steel frame for enhanced durability
  • Wall-saver design to fit into any small room
  • Horseshoe-shaped back ensures excellent support for the user


  • doesn’t rock or glide due to the wall-hugger design

6. Bonzy Home Overstuffed Heavy Duty Big and Tall Recliner- Support Up to 300 Lb

 Bonzy Home Overstuffed Heavy Duty Big and Tall Recliner

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Are you looking for a high-end big man recliner chair that will add elegance to your home? Well, if you want to, this recliner is going to be the one for you!

Thanks to its air leather construction, you will enjoy the most fantastic sitting experience. This material is as good as genuine leather; hence you don’t have to worry about its service quality at all.

To ensure the most comfortable lounging experience, it comes with an overstuffed armrest and premium-grade cushioning. Moreover, it offers a one-pull reclining motion makes it more user-friendly than it already is.

Though this chair doesn’t come already assembled, you will never have trouble while setting this up. The installation procedure is straightforward, and it won’t take more than 10-15 minutes which is impressive, to be honest.

While fully reclined, the length of this chair is perfect for a person under six feet. Furthermore, it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs which is more than enough for plus-size people.

In addition to all these outstanding features, this recliner comes within an affordable price range. Hence, if you want to get all the great benefits in a package, choosing this chair will be a wise move.

The air leather is easy to maintain; therefore, you don’t have to waste much to take care of it. And it is made with a pine and steel structure which is exceptionally robust. This, for all lasting lounging experience, you can buy this one without any doubt.


  • Constructed with a robust pine and steel structure for enhanced durability
  • Air leather finish is easy to maintain and provides a sleek outlook
  • Installation process takes only 10-15 minutes
  • Comes with a one-pull reclining design for better convenience


  • Doesn’t come with any storage pouch or cup holders

7. ANJHOME Single Heavy Duty Recliner

ANJHOME Single Heavy Duty Recliner

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The final product on our list is a sleek recliner that will attract all the intelligent folks out there. And it comes with all the features to make a comfortable sitting arrangement for our plus size and tall friends!

This manual big man recliner comes with a simple operating system. All you need to do is pull the latch, and your perfect sitting position will be ready instantly.

The high resiliency foam cushioning ensures the coziest experience for every user. Moreover, you will get an excellent seat height so you will never feel any discomfort while relaxing.

It is constructed with a soft polyester upholstery which is breathable. This material will be gentle to your skin, and that’s what we need to enjoy our leisure time.

The loading capacity of this chair is 300 pounds. Hence, any big person can use this one without any struggle. Furthermore, it’s easy to install, which another reason behind the popularity of this recliner.

As it is made with sturdy metal frames, you don’t have to doubt the service quality of this product. So if you want to get a convenient recliner within budget, why don’t you think about getting this one.


  • Robust metal frames will support up to 300 pounds
  • Polyester upholstery is easy to maintain
  • Comes with excellent seat height to provide a cozy experience for tall people
  • One-pull latch system makes it pretty simple to use


  • Only suitable for people under 6 feet

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Recliner for Big Men

Yes, there might be plenty of fishes in the sea, but what if you are a vegan? Well, you can find tons of chairs, but not all of them are for tall and plus-size people.

So to make the perfect purchase, here are the things you need to consider before buying a big man recliner!


You will see different sizes of chairs while buying one. To support your weight and height, you will have to go for more oversized recliners if you want to sit without any struggle.

So while browsing your option, keep looking for a spacious chair that comes with an adequate seat height. In this way, you can ensure an optimal experience for yourself.


As you want a chair that will support your heavier weight, you need to go for the one that comes with a sturdy frame. While picking up a recliner, always go for the one that comes with a robust metal frame so you can enjoy its service for a long time.

Loading Capacity:

It doesn’t matter how much money you are spending on a lounger. If it can’t support your weight, what’s the point of getting it?

In this article, you will get some excellent options that come with a 300-500 loading capacity. So to avoid the hassle, you can pick one from our list!


The coziness of your chair depends on its cushioning. And nothing feels more delightful when your seat, armrest, and headrest come with padded cushions!

Moreover, you should look at the upholstery material as it will come in contact with your skin. Don’t get something too harsh, as you will never feel good while sitting on it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Types of Recliners are There?

Here are the types of recliners we see these days:
1. Rocker Recliners: These chairs function as a rocking chair and a lounger.
2. Reclining Massage chairs: You can call it a spa treatment at home! This luxury furniture will offer you massages when you sit on it to relax.
3. Wall-saver Recliners: These chairs can be placed against the wall, but you can still lean back a little if you want. When you are living in a small space, it’s the best option you have.

What are The Benefits of a Recliner?

The benefits of a recliner are:
1. Improves your blood circulation.
2. This chair is way more comfortable than your regular ones.
3. You can de-stress yourself by sitting on it.
4. Adds elegance to your house.

How to Get The Perfect-Sized Recliner?

Before you pick a recliner, be sure about your measurements, such as weight and height. And then look for a recliner according to that.

What Is The Weight Limit of a Reclining Chair?

Well, a regular reclining chair comes with at least 250 pounds weight capacity. However, some products are made explicitly for bulky people that can withstand up to 500 pounds.

Can I Sleep in My Recliner Every Night?

If you feel comfortable, you can spend some nights once in a while in your recliner. But if you have sleep apnea or back pain issues, you should avoid this.

Final Verdict

Now that we are at the end of the article, hopefully, you have learned everything about the big man recliners.

For an overall experience, you can go for the CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair for the Elderly. And if you want to pick a high-end option, you can choose Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Upholstered Power Lift Recliner for a better experience.

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