How to Fix Recliner Pull Handle: Step by Step Guide

Recliners are the best way to get some much-needed comfort after a long day of work. But what happens when the recliner handle suddenly breaks off? How annoying is it when you get stuck in that uncomfortable position?

How to Fix Recliner Pull Handle

To prevent such unfortunate situations, you should have a basic idea of how to fix recliner pull handle. Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science. We will guide you through the proper ins and outs of the whole procedure.

In addition to the fixing part, we will also include some precautionary measures at the very end. So, read thoroughly to know all about them and save some unnecessary repair costs in the process.

What Are the Main Types of Recliner Handles?

If you have owned multiple recliners over the years, you must have noticed that not all handles are the same in configuration. And before you try to fix a certain handle, you need to know exactly what type of handle it is.

Normally, you will find three main types of handles in the recliner market. Here’s a brief description of the handles to help you figure out their differences.

The Lever Handle

The lever handle is the most popular type of handle found in recliners. They are the easiest to operate and provides great intuitiveness when it comes to supporting.

In addition to the normal wood and plastic, you can find lever handles in a metal framework as well. And it’s best to go for the metal ones if you want long-lasting functionality and performance.

The D-Ring Handle

The D-Ring handles work the same way as the handlebars in lawnmowers do. The handle is arched upwards to give off a 3D D-ring look.

As a result, you can easily put your hands inside the ring to pull on the cable. Once you have a nice grip, you can directly adjust the recliner as per your requirements. It’s easy, but it takes time to get used to.

The Flapper Handle

Unlike the other two handles, the flapper ones are not as noticeable in a recliner. They are far more pressed down and only come out when you pull on the flap to open up the recliner.

Flapper handles are great for recliners with a stylish outlook. By not remaining as visible, they add to the overall allure while maintaining proper functionality at the same time.

How to Fix Recliner Pull Handle: Step by Step

1. Fix The Lever-Styled Recliner Handle:

Even though the main functionality of all three types of handles is the same, they vary in their configuration and style. So, it goes without saying that their fixing mechanism will be different as well.

Here’s how you can fix the lever-styled recliner handles:

Loosen the Screws

Lever handles are attached to the recliner cable via two screws on each end. And you need to get the handle out before you can fix or replace it. So, to loosen the screws, you need to arrange for the right screwdriver.

Normally, most lever handles will come with either a Torx-head or Philip’s Head screw. And if you are lucky, it will just be a plain old hex key.

So, at first, check to see what type of screw it is and then use the proper screwdriver to loosen the screws.

Pull the Handle Out

Before you take out the screws, make sure you are in the right position. Don’t try to work in a half-blind way. If you can see what you are doing, the whole process will become much easier.

Since most lever handles are at the very bottom of the recliner, it’s best to turn the recliner upside down for the time being. Be very careful, though. Recliners are quite heavy, and one wrong step is all it takes to overthrow the situation.

Once you have successfully brought the handle side up, remove the screws. Then gently take off the metal protective cover and pull out the lever handle.

Analyze the Damage

Check the lever thoroughly to see whether the handle is completely unusable. Usually, a handle is unusable when it’s visibly broken or if any parts don’t move the way it’s supposed to.

On the other hand, sometimes, a handle can seem unusable while it’s actually not. Years of dust build-up can render the lever useless by clogging the inner gears.

If it’s the second case, you don’t have to replace the lever instantly. Instead, arrange for a brush and clean the lever properly to get rid of all the dust and cobwebs. Check to see if that makes it functional.

If it still doesn’t work or if any part is broken like the first instance, it’s time for a new handle. In that case, you’ll have to replace the old non-functioning handle with a new one.

Final Arrangements

Take the old lever handle out and place the new one in its place. Once you are sure of the placement, bring over the protective metal from before and put it back on.

Make sure that your handle is attached to the cable correctly. Because if it’s not, your recliner will not come back up even if the handle itself is functional.

After that, use the screwdriver to tighten back the screws and seal the handle in its place. Once it’s firm and stable, gently push the recliner back up to its original position.

Use the lever handle a few times to get rid of the stiffness. And if it still seems a little backed up, you can apply a little mechanical lubrication. But do not use so much that the gears become slippery.

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2. Fix the D-Ring and Flapper-Styled Handle:

Since the fixing methods of these two types of handles aren’t that different, we decided to discuss them together. Here’s how you can fix the D-Ring and Flapper-Styled recliner handles at home:

Take Off the Screws

Like the lever-styled ones, the D-Ring and Flapper handles are fastened to the recliner with screws as well. So, follow the same steps and use the correct screwdriver to loosen and take off the screws.

Work on the Cable

Both of these handles are primarily cable-based, and the cables act as a trigger to open up the recliner. So, you need to work on them to fix the handles.

Again, the cable is connected to the handle in a two-way system. The first one’s the S-tip, and that’s what you need to work on to release the tension. To pull out this cable, use needle-nose pliers.

Replace the old cable with a new functional one. Make sure that the release clip can perfectly trigger the overall mechanism.

Attach the Accessories

After proper placement of the S-tip cable, clip it back to the handle. The rest of the work is similar to the previous one.

Attach the handle to the recliner and fasten it with the screws. Take your time and keep an eye on the fabric around the handle slot. Don’t accidentally poke it or else you’ll tear through the soft fabric.

And that’s about it! If you managed to place the cables correctly to relieve just enough tension, you should be just fine.

Precautionary Measures

As it goes with most mechanical stuff, proper precautionary measures are of utmost importance no matter how experienced you are.

  • Wear Safety Equipment:

And even though you don’t have to put on a full work jacket for fixing recliner handles, you should at least wear gloves and glasses.

  • Keep Various Tools at Hand:

Again, make sure to keep a variety of screwdrivers and pliers in your toolbox with some spare screws to help you out. Do proper research beforehand to know what type of tools you might need later on.

  • Take Measurements Accurately:

On the other hand, if you are going to replace the recliner handle, do not forget to take proper measurements. Most often than not, people forget to buy the right sized handles for their recliners, and that leads to complications later on.

So, keep an eye out for that while shopping for a new recliner handle. And if it’s a brand-specific handle, don’t settle for a different brand just because it’s cheap.

  • Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Swallow:

Finally, only work on the cable-based handles if you are good at handling complex mechanisms. These handles are far more complicated to work with, and one misstep can cause you to lose hours of progress.

  • Practice If Possible:

So, it’s best to first go for a trial run before you take on the actual recliner. Do thorough research, find out how others are tackling the mechanism, and plan out a methodical approach. Remember – only practice makes perfect.

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Final Words

So, do you know how you can fix recliner pull handle at home? We sure do hope so!

Knowing little tidbits like these can help you around the house greatly and save you a fortune in maintenance costs. Just remember to follow proper precautions while you are at it, and if needed, don’t feel shy to contact a proper repairman.

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