The 7 Best Lazy Boy Recliners (Reviews & Updated for 2023

There are clear differences between buying a normal chair and a Lazy Boy recliner. A recliner is pricey than a regular chair. Moreover, there are hundreds of Lazy Boy recliners, and finding one that is best can make you overwhelmed. Well, we are here to help you find the best Lazy Boy recliner with ease.

Best Lazy Boy Recliner

We know who and what makes the best Lazy Boy. Keeping those factors in mind, we have selected only 7 recliner chairs. More options can throw you in a more difficult situation. So, picking one from this shortlist will not be too difficult. Let’s find which one can be the right choice for you.

Top 7 Best Lazy Boy Recliners Reviews

These recliners are designed to offer you the utmost easement while healing some of your health issues. Keep reading the reviews and select that suits your needs.

1. EVER ADVANCED Lazy Boy Power Lift Recliner Chair

Lazy Boy recliner from ‘EVER ADVANCED’ features a power-lift mechanism. Very convenient lifting and reclining capability allow the user to fix his sitting position precisely. For the elderly, it helps effortlessly stand up without any help from others. As the chair can recline a maximum of 150 degrees, a more relaxing experience can be achieved.

EVER ADVANCED Lazy Boy Power Lift Recliner Chair

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We love its message and heating system. There are 8 heating points that work on 4 stress parts including legs, thigh, backrest, and lumbar. Additionally, the 5 vibration modes can be customized according to your demand. The heating mechanism even assists in the winter to have a warm feeling.

To make sure you’re relaxing utterly, the recliner comes with a USB port that helps to charge your low-power devices like cell phones and TAB. Moreover, there are two side pockets to confirm all your necessary items are easily accessible.

The appearance will catch your mind first. The elegant design of this reclining sofa will fit any of your rooms. The quality built can carry weight about 350 pounds. Its durable structure will ensure longer use without having any error in its overall design.  


  • Infinite reclining positions make it best for relaxation.
  • Ideal for elderly with back or joint pain.
  • Convenient footrest allows stretching the whole body.
  • PVC leather upholstery, easy to clean and maintenance.


  • For a big-sized person, this can be difficult to stretch the whole body.

2. Harper&Bright Designs LazyBoy Manual Recliner Chair

This Harper&Bright smoky brown sofa is made from an excellent combination of air leather or fabrics, soft foam, hardwood, and steel and comes with overstuffed cushions to ensure complete relaxation. Its soft leather recliner fabric increases comfort and its pillows and cushions help reduce pain.

Harper&Bright Designs LazyBoy Manual Recliner Chair

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It comes with 8 massage points which include 5 different modes of massage that you can choose according to your preferences. Plus, it has a heat function to take you to a new level of relaxation. It features a 135 degree and 90-degree recline angle for a relaxing sleep and cozy reading experience.

One thing worth mentioning is that it features an all-in-one remote design to make it easier for you to operate your chair. And if you are thinking that all those soft paddings, massage, and heat features will make you lazy and fat, don’t worry it has a weight capacity of 300lbs. So, under the armrest, pull up the ‘pull device’, lean back, and enjoy.


  • 8 massage point for complete relaxations.
  • Comes with 135 degree and 90 degree recline angle.
  • All-in-one remote design for easier use.
  • Heating feature for lumbar part; more relaxed experience.


  • Sometimes some users find durability issue.

3. Merax Electric Lift Recliner Chair Lazy Boy

Your usual sitting experience now can be changed with this Merax electric recliner. It comes with reliable support for standing and sitting, absolute soothing, and many more functionalities.

Merax Electric Lift Recliner Chair Lazy Boy

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What we look first at a new product, of course, the look and build. You will not regret picking this one for your living room as it comes with very sturdy construction. It will support weight up to 330 pounds. A steel frame makes sure it’s going to be your companion for years to come. And its look is something that suits any of your room styles.

The electric lift mechanism of this Lazy Boy chair confirms you’ll have a more convenient life. With the remote controlling feature, adjust your desired position that gives you a cozy experience. Moreover, its infinite positions mechanism lets you lie down at any of your comfortable angles.

The sofa has an overstuffed thickly padded headrest, an ideal way to heal pain with given utmost support. This reclining sofa is upholstered in PU leather filled with deep and soft foam. The overall design makes it easy to clean and maintain.


  • Sturdy build, designed to fit any décor setting.
  • PU leather durable upholstery for ultra comfort.
  • Side pocket options for effortless access to tiny devices.
  • Convenient footrest, extendable for full body stretch.


  • The button option is a bit difficult for the elderly.
  • Setting up the chair may require expert help.

4. SMUG Lazy Boy Recliner Massage Padded Seat PU Leather Push Back Recliners Armchair for Living Room

When it comes to selecting a Lazy Boy recliner with a tight budget, we recommend this as the right choice. It’s a good-looking chair and a bit different than our other reviewed models here. The back of the chair can be positioned from 90 to 160 degrees. Therefore, you can set it anywhere in your home for napping, reading books, and watching thriller series.

SMUG Lazy Boy Recliner Massage Padded Seat PU Leather Push Back Recliners Armchair for Living Room

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Not only the strong build, but the chair comes with comfortable materials and relaxing options. Thick padded PU leather provides extreme comfort which is not possible for a regular recliner. This upholstery is skin-friendly and requires simple maintenance. There are two message points and eight controlling functions to ensure a better message.

This massage chair is made of a solid wood frame. The open dimension of the recliner is 27.2 x 61.6 x 29 (inch). It has a weight capacity of 275 lbs. So, it is not the right choice for a big man. A mid-sized person can easily lie down on it and enjoy his relaxing time.

Another significant feature of this chair is its user-friendliness. You can assemble the chair within 5 minutes by following the 5 easy steps provided by the manufacturer. Plus, you will enjoy 36 months replacement warranty with every chair you buy from SMUG.


  • Slim and stylish, ideal for any small space.
  • Steel frame, sturdy construction provides longer lifespan.
  • Ergonomic design, super soft fabrics and cozy seat.
  • Featured with dual-function upgraded footrest.


  • Weight capacity is not suitable for a large person.

5. YODOLLA Larger Lift Chair for Elderly, Lazyboy Power Rising Recliner with Heat & Vibration Massage

YODOLLA follows some rules when designing their recliners. They analyze what the American elderly demand in their chair! YODOLLA adds the most desired features to this LazyBoy recliner. This model is a wider chair with an electric power lift mechanism.

YODOLLA Larger Lift Chair for Elderly, Lazyboy Power Rising Recliner with Heat & Vibration Massage

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The backrest is 25.6-inch long which is perfect for up to a person with 6 ft height. Its in-depth seat (20.5 –inch) provides the utmost support for the whole body, particularly for legs and hips. Additionally, the footrest can be extended depending on your needs.

This stunning sofa reclines a maximum of 150 degrees. The electric lift mechanism helps the senior to stand up without any assistance from other persons. A TUV certified powerful motor is equipped that lifts the chair but doesn’t hurt the user. The efficient construction along with the motor creates ‘no noise’ that improves overall performance.

Plus, the recliner features 8 massage nodes, 2 intensities, and 5 controlling modes. All these ensure full body massage to heal different health issues and offer the most expected coziness. There are also 2 essential side pockets where you can store your small devices. An integrated USB port helps to keep charging your low-power equipment.


  • Seating, lifting, and reclining; best for all.
  • Message vibration points for 4 important body parts.
  • User-friendly lift mechanism, remote control messaging.
  • Less and easy maintenance is required.


  • Sometimes, slow lifting can make you bothered.

6. EASELAND Electric Power Lazyboy Recliner Lift Chairs

If you’re looking for a special recliner for back pain, this reclining chair can be an efficient option. It comes with 4 vibration massage points and 5 useful modes for the full-body massage.

EASELAND Electric Power Lazyboy Recliner Lift Chairs

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The heating function works on the lumbar area while massaging. The overall mechanism is ideal to alleviate back pain and improve blood circulation. Plus, it removes tiredness and stress, provides you with the desired relaxation.

The power lift is very well-organized. You can manage your expected positions with the remote control. It helps the seniors to stand up without providing stress to the knees and back. People with mobility issues can pick this recliner as a great companion.

Offering comfort and security while sitting, this sofa ensures ease of use. A sturdy metal frame and high-density sofa allow you to use the chair for decades. It can support up to 300 lbs. Therefore, it is mostly recommended for medium-sized people. Cleaning is straightforward and maintenance doesn’t require any tricky efforts.


  • High-quality upholstery for comfort and durability.
  • Heat and massage features to ease back pain.
  • Instruction manual included for easy set up.
  • Integrated Cup holders, side pockets, and USB charging.


  • Not recommended for a person with 6 ft or more height.

7. MAGIC UNION Wireless Remote LazyBoy Massage Recliner Chair with Heat

This recliner chair comes in elegant blue color. It’s made of high-quality materials and upholstered with luxurious foam. You can place it in a nursery or living room; everywhere it looks comfortable and smart.

MAGIC UNION Wireless Remote LazyBoy Massage Recliner Chair with Heat

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One thing that is worth to mention that this Lazy Boy recliner rotates in a complete circle. Moreover, it’s a perfect swivel recliner for the baby’s nursery. No matter who sits on this chair, it serves pleasingly anybody. The cup holders and small storage bags allow you to store your small items.

Its remote-controlled heat and massaging work are great to heal some of your health problems like pain and mobility issues. There are 4 points of vibration and 2 intensities, additional heating function works great to boost blood circulation.

One drawback of this sofa couch is its manual reclining feature. You will need to pull the ring to recline the seat. With the help of the footrest, you can stand up. On the whole, this is not a good option for the elderly.


  • Solid metal and strong wooden structure.
  • Thick padded comfy armrest, backrest, and footrest.
  • Temperature based auto power off.
  • Easy to transport, suitable for small room.


  • No USB charging port available.
  • Manual reclining option.

Things to Consider when Buying a Lazy Boy Recliner

Finding the right recliner is not easy. It’s the same for a La-Z-Boy recliner too. Many options, many features, and different price ranges; so, how to choose the right product? Consider the following points and bring the ideal La-Z-Boy recliner to your home.


New furniture means a beautiful addition to your home décor. When you consider buying a Lazy Boy recliner, take a look at its appearance first. Make sure your chosen recliner is compatible with your décor setting.

You know what’s your size and weight. Your recliner should be one that will properly support your size. A big size recliner can be suitable for any sized person but will it be ideal in your living room? Consider all these things!

Construction and Durability:

Strong construction ensures the durability of a product. It is important to look at what materials are used to build the recliner. Hardwood or anything that can support maximum weight is a quality element of the reclining chair. From a branded product, you can hope for satisfying service for a longer time.

Ultimate Comfort:

Feeling asleep when sitting on the recliner is a good sign. If you’re not peeved on your chair but feeling better, then the chair is really comfortable. How the chair supports your whole body and mainly your back – check it. A comfortable chair means it supports your entire body with a soothing feeling. The headrest, armrest, and footrest should be perfect to support those particular body parts.

Solid Block Comfortable Foam:

Stuffed foam is good and cheap. However, solid block foam is much better than any other option. It offers a better appearance and top performance.

The cut foam keeps the original shape of the recliner for an extended period. It’s high resistance and offers great padding. You can enjoy sitting on this type of foam while it provides many health benefits. So, it’s better to go for a Lazy Boy sofa that uses block-cut foam.

Unparalleled Back Support:

Did you experience a gap between your back and the seat while sitting on a recliner? It’s common and you may experience it. Pick a La-Z-Boy recliner that eliminates this gap and provides fully comfortable support. In this case, you don’t need to gather a pillow and set that beneath your back. The recliner itself provides a completely pleasing sitting experience.

Efficient Locking Mechanism: 

The lock should act like the real lock! You know which position is suitable for you. A good recliner lock will keep you in the right position and you don’t need to think about falling down. The versatile locking mechanism can give you the freedom to enjoy your desired sitting positions.

Customization Option:

A Lazy Boy recliner should come with customization options as it’s quite a big investment and you may want it to use for different purposes. Make sure your selected model can be carried easily from one room to another. Position changing, controlling, and other features should be managed with ease.


The first installation is not the final, you may need to take apart the chair and assemble it again. The chair should be user-friendly and easy to assemble without expert knowledge. Another thing that you need to consider is cleaning the fabric of the chair. Make sure your chair upholstery is easy to clean.

FAQ’s on LazyBoy Recliners

Are Lazy Boy Recliners Good Quality?

The La-Z-Boy is known for its top-quality home furniture. Among many of its products, the Lazy Boy recliners come with the most expected quality. They are also customizable. With comfort and health benefits, these recliners last long and enhance the beauty of your living room. These are designed to match your expectation. And lastly, after-sales service is also highly satisfactory.

Is Lazyboy Made in China?

There are many recliners listed as Lazy Boy and they are manufactured by different companies. Their factories are also situated in different areas of the world. However, La-Z-Boy mostly manufactures its furniture items including recliners in China. The brand has other production plants in the United States and Thailand.

How Long Should a Lazy Boy Recliner Last?

It depends on some factors. Though a quality Lazy Boy recliner can last up to 10 years the lifespan can be changed depending on your usage and care. You can enhance the lifespan with careful use and maintenance. Many customers, who care for their recliners properly, claim that their chairs last for up to 20 years.

Is Lazyboy Worth the Money?

A Lazy Boy recliner is worth the money. The key feature of this chair is providing ultimate comfort. Sturdy build, top-quality fabrics, and customization options make it exclusive in the market. Moreover, a limited warranty increases the customer’s confidence. Overall, the La-Z-Boy recliner sofa is best to secure your investment.

What Is the Average Cost of a Lazy Boy Recliner?

Our reviewed LazyBoy recliners are available between $300 and $500. So, spending around $400 you can buy a quality recliner. We recommend you increase your budget and pick one with more handy features. However, there are other recliners also that require more investment.

Final Verdict

The specialty of a Lazy Boy recliner is its build quality which provides maximum comfort. When finding this type of chair, look at this feature first.

However, you can select your recliner from the above guide without thinking much. As we have researched and picked only those that offer high-quality performance, you will not regret buying any of them.

Simply find out which is suitable for your needs and bring one to your home. No matter what’s your budget, you can pick your desired recliner from the above-reviewed models.

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