The 8 Best Recliner Covers | Recliner Slipcovers for 2023

Recliners are comfortable as it is, but throwing a cover over can make your book-reading experience ten times more enjoyable. The best recliner covers, by consumer standards, should be hypoallergenic, warm, and soft to the skin.

This means the product should not cause a flare in existing allergies, while the color of the cover should also be retained. However, where can you get such an item at a budget-friendly price?

Best Recliner Covers

Well, our article here has done it all for you. We have hand-picked a few of the best covers on the market right now and summed them up with pros and cons. Hopefully, after reading this post, your recliner slipcover shopping will be made much easier.

The Top 8 Best Recliner Covers | Recliner Slipcovers Reviews

Continue reading this section, as we cover the best products with their respective features from here on out.

1. Home Fashion Recliner Cover

Check this product out by Home Fashion if you want a premium fit for your new recliner. The burgundy-taupe color is chic and blends in well with neutral shaded furniture. You can find the product in different sizes, ranging from a minimum of 34” to a maximum width of 96”.

Home Fashion Recliner Cover

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This recliner cover has a soft, quilt-like texture, which feels really great on the skin. On top of that, the product has a reversible feature, which means you can actually use it inside-out. As a result, you get two different cover looks in one!

At the same time, the recliner slipcover comes with elastic straps. These straps provide a better fit for the sofa or recliner you are using it on. The cover will not fall or slip off, thanks to the handy straps.

Made with 100 percent polyester material, you can expect this warm cover not to irritate broken or flared skin. The product is also machine and hand-washable, so maintenance will not be a bother either.  


  • Stain-resistance feature makes the product ideal for homes with kids around
  • Microfiber-polyester material is hypoallergenic — it won’t irritate the skin
  • Elastic straps provide a better fit to the recliner
  • Reversible-look allows you to use the product inside-out


  • Sizing of the cover can be a bit off

2. Link Shades Armchair Protector Cover | Anti Slip Water Resistant Slipcover

Also made from 100 percent micro-suede polyester, this baby from Link Shades is no less in quality when it comes to protecting your recliner.

Link Shades Armchair Protector Cover

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The product sports a toned-down camel tone, however, you can find it in other shades as well. Similar to the previous model we reviewed, this recliner water-resistant cover is also ideal for neutral-colored furniture.

On top of that, it comes with adjustable straps as well, which you can tweak according to your requirements. As a result, the recliner slipcover will have a better grip on the sofa.

Thanks to its water-resistant feature, you no longer have to worry about ugly stains ruining the appearance of your furniture.

Although the model we are reviewing right now sports a size of only 23” (perfect for a small recliner), you can find it in other measurements too. For example, the highest measurement can go up to 86”, whereas the small fit is the one we are checking out today.


  • 100 percent micro-suede polyester material is soft and easy on the skin
  • You can find this model in different sizes, so there’s a specific measurement for every piece of furniture
  • Water-resistant feature reduces the chances of ugly stains ruining sofas
  • Tone of the cover is very neutral and blends well with all kinds of surroundings


  • We found the straps to be a little loose, so they might come off pretty easily due to movement

3. MAYTEX Stretch Recliner Covers 4 Piece Slipcovers for Recliners

Sporting the color “gold” (although it looks pretty brown to us), this MAYTEX slipcover is a 4-piece one that will completely cover your sofa.  

MAYTEX Stretch Recliner Covers 4 Piece Slipcovers for Recliners

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Thanks to its polyester design, you can expect the product to stretch well over your recliner. The fabric mimics corduroy to some extent. This is quite stylish and looks pretty smart too.

There is also a pretty convenient opening/slot in the fabric for a lever. Now your favorite Lazy Boy chair can have its own protective cover without compromising on any of its features.

On top of that, you can even store your phone or earphones in the handy side pocket this recliner chair cover comes with. The product comes with different size measurements that are bound to fit most sofas.

You can find it in a fit of only 30”, to one that stretches to at least 40” wide. Since this model is a 4-piece one, you will be receiving two arm covers, one seat, and one back covers in the package.


  • Product is machine washable, so you can give those delicate hands a rest!
  • Polyester material is very easy on the skin, therefore reducing allergic flares
  • Elastic corners will keep the cover down in place, no matter how much you move
  • Opening on the side is perfect for a lever or a button to operate the recliner


  • Product is not water/stain-resistant, which is kind of a bummer

4. Sofa Shield Extra Large Slipcover for Recliner | Oversized Recliner Cover with Straps

Not exactly for a small recliner, this large one in the chocolate beige shade is the perfect cover for a family sofa. You can also find the model in sizes – small, x-large oversized, and xx-large.

 Sofa Shield Extra Large Slipcover for Recliner

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On top of that, the slipcover is available in more than 10 other tones, which are all in neutrals. The best part? Each model will have a tight fit on whichever sized sofa you throw it on.

Although not being waterproof, the product is still easy and soft on the skin. It can, however, handle a stain or two. Just don’t go dousing it in the water out of the blue!

At the same time, you will find this baby to come with straps as well, which allow the cover to stay in place. However, the straps will only work if your sofa is anything but a leather one.

Note that this beast is also machine washable plus dryable, so you can give your pretty hands a rest and not fret in cleaning the product.


  • You can find this in measurements of 70”, wide enough to fit most sofas
  • Cover is soft and hypoallergenic, so it won’t irritate broken skin  
  • This product is available in a range of different colors, hence you can choose a shade that suits your home the best
  • Cover comes with handy straps for better fitting


  • Unfortunately, this Sofa Shield cover is not waterproof

5. Collections Etc Quilted Protector Cover

Up next, we have this beautiful recliner cover in shade chocolate-tan by Collections Etc. The product can also be found in different shades and other measurements for sofas, loveseats, and larger recliners.

Collections Etc Quilted Protector Cover

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We think you would really appreciate the polyester fabric on the product since it feels very soft and warm on the skin.

At the same time, the recliner slipcover has the same reversible feature as many other great models on this list. As a result, you can throw it over your recliner inside-out and enjoy a whole new look.

The protector cover is also water-resistant, which means it will take a good amount of spill with little to no staining.

Note that the measurements will vary according to the model type you purchase. For small recliners specifically, the size stands at 23” in width approximately. We would suggest you go through the size chart thoroughly before placing your order.


  • Product is machine-washable and dryable as well, so maintenance will not be a hassle
  • Polyester material is easy and soft on the skin, protecting it from rashes and allergies
  • Thanks to the water-resistant feature, chances of staining are really less
  • You can go for an inside-out look as well, therefore changing up the appearance in one go.


  • Product does not come with straps, so keeping it tucked in could be a bother

6. Ameritex Non Slip Cover for Recliner

You will definitely like the non-slip design of this beige-colored Ameritex cover. With its 23” measurements, you can rest assured it will fit any small recliner with ease and smoothness.

 Ameritex Non slip Cover for Recliner

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On top of that, you can find this model in about 8 other shades as well, and go for a size 30” too. However, note that the fabric of the product is a combination of polyester and rubber, which can be a bit irritating on sensitive skin types.

But other than that, maintenance and care are no hassle either, since you can simply just throw it in the washer and let the machine do its job. At the same time, the “silicone rubber” strap-like design makes sure the cover does not slip at all.

There are also two storage pockets on either side of the cover, where you can keep anything from remotes, phones to even one or two books.

Did we mention that the product has 5 different layers in its fabric? Yup. Thanks to this, the odor is easily deflected from the recliner, while air ventilation is kept at an optimum.


  • 23” measurements fit almost all small recliners
  • We find the buttery beige shade to be neutral and easy to blend with the surroundings
  • Silicone straps will hold the cover in place, even over leather recliners
  • Well-ventilated 5 layers deflect bad odor


  • Combination fabric type can be quite irritating to highly sensitive skins

7. Rose Home Fashion Recliner Chair Cover

Our penultimate choice for this article is the Rose Home Fashion cover in a light beige shade. However, we think the size is pretty small since it falls at only 21”. But the oversized recliner model comes with measurements of 30” approximately.

Rose Home Fashion Recliner Chair Cover

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For starters, let’s talk about the fabric material on this baby. Unlike the rest of the products in our article, the RHF cover is made with a combo of polyethylene terephthalate.

As a result, the fabric is pretty soft and very easy on the skin. But the material is not compatible with leather sofas, so you will have to use it on microfiber furniture.

At the same time, note that this cover is also machine washable. The best thing about the product, however, might be its resistance to dirt and hair! Quite cool, right?

You will find this model to also come with elastic straps to hold the cover in place. So, no matter how much you move, it won’t fall off at all.


  • Straps on this slipcover are quite fitted, so you don’t have to worry about slips
  • Unique combination of fabric makes the cover ideal for sensitive skin
  • Reversible feature allows you to enjoy two different appearances in one
  • You can give your hands a rest, as the product is also machine washable


  • The product is not compatible with leather recliners, so it might fall off

8. Easy Going Waterproof Recliner Cover

We are here with our final banger. This brown-colored recliner cover by the Easy Going brand is perfect for leather and microfiber sofas. You can find this model in size 28”, and also a 23” smaller model.

Easy Going Waterproof Recliner Cover

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Alongside the brown shade, you can choose from a variety of 13 other shades. Each option has a reversible feature to it, so in a way, you will be enjoying 2 tones for every cover.

However, make sure to not machine wash or tumble dry the product, as it may start to bleach out.

The slipcover comes with 5 layers, each with its own unique way of contributing to the item. For example, the first layer is the original faux suede material. This is followed by foam fiber, a non-woven one, a waterproofed layer, and a final non-slip one.

As you can see, the product is actually 100 percent waterproof, so you do not have to worry about accidental spills and stains. On top of that, this baby also comes with a storage pouch on the side, where you can store phones and remotes.


  • Elastic band will keep the cover in place, regardless of movement
  • 100 percent waterproof feature protects furniture and the cover from stains
  • 5 layered fabric is durable and definitely optimal for air ventilation
  • Product is compatible with leather sofas as well


  • We found that the cover comes with a plastic covering on it, which can result in rashes if not removed

Things to Consider When Buying a Recliner Chair Cover:

Now that we have covered the best products in the market let us take a little detour and see what features you should look for when getting a cover. Each feature is pretty subjective to the model; however, most products should have at least a few of them.


The material of the fabric plays a huge role in determining the comfort level of the cover. You do not want to be stuck with something itchy and just plain irritating in the long run.

Cotton is one of the best materials for a recliner chair cover. However, it can be quite hard and pretty expensive to find as well.

In this case, you can opt for a blend of either silk, polyester, or maybe linen and quilt. While the former two materials are ideal for home usage, the remaining two materials suit office recliners best.

We would suggest you go for a shade that compliments the surrounding of your home the best. This means you can go for a fabric that would otherwise be more suited for an office.

Elastic Straps:

Another great feature to note down is elastic straps. Although not all models come with this, the ones that do are definitely worth the splurge.

Elastic straps are great for those looking for covers compatible with leather recliners. They provide a better grip and support to the furniture. At the same time, chances of slipping are also greatly reduced.


This feature will ensure that your favorite recliner seat or sofa does not get ugly stains all over it. A water-resistant cover will either absorb the liquid completely or deflect it.

If it is the latter version, you can simply wipe the excess liquid with a paper towel or dishcloth.


Most of the products that we reviewed today in this article come with reversible options. This means you can simply bring the product inside-out and enjoy the color of the alternate side.

On top of that, you can even hide away pen marks or paint colors (if you have kids around) from the damaged side and flash the other side instead. Nobody will even know the real cause for the change!


Although not a total biggie, you might want to consider the patterns of the recliner slipcover/cover. This mainly applies to those who want something specific for their living room or office.

If you are okay with a few bold colors and whatnot, go for patterned models, such as the Sofa Shield Large Slipcover from this review. It features both neutral tones and patterned tones on other sides.

However, we always appreciate the neutral tones much more than patterns, since they just seem so smart and chic! You can test the waters with something in a neutral shade, but with a darker tone and see if you want to move onto something fancier later on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Recliner Covers Actually Work?

Yes, they absolutely do. Purchasing a water-resistant recliner chair cover will protect your furniture from stains and spills.

How Do I Know What Size Cover to Purchase?

You can take a look at the size chart provided on the site you are purchasing from. This is usually described in measurements of “width x depth x height”. Just cross-check that with the measurements of your furniture, and you’ll be good to go. Make sure to check tuck-in measurements too.

Is it Okay to Sleep on a Recliner Cover?

Yes, it is, but make sure to check if you have taken the plastic padding off or not at first. Not taking it off might result in rashes and itches.

How Do You Put a Cover on a Recliner?

Start from the top and go lower as you keep pulling the material downwards. Just pat and flatten out the air bubbles in the corners from time to time.

How Long Do Recliner Covers Last?

With proper care and maintenance, you can make a good quality cover last for at least 10 years at a stretch.


In our opinion, the Sofa Shield Large Slipcover seems to be one of the perfect recliner chair covers out there. The color options and their ease of maintenance seem to be ideal for busy individuals.

Other than that, we hope you enjoyed reading this article and found the rest of the products to be well-equipped too. Remember, always take off the plastic padding before you use the covers!

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