The 8 Best Wall Hugger Recliners for Small Spaces 2023

So, you have a relatively smaller space in your house and you had a dream to enjoy sitting in a recliner. But you know, generally, a recliner requires larger space. Therefore, which one should you buy in that case?

Best Wall Hugger Recliners

Well, we have got a solution. Pick a wall hugger recliner that can easily fit in a small space. Consequently, you can enjoy all the advantages of a recliner.

However, there is also a problem to select a recliner chair that is top-quality. As the options are many, it is really overwhelming to pick the best wall hugger recliners. Don’t worry, we have reviewed some of the top-quality wall hugger recliners so that you can choose the right one that can meet all your needs.

The Top 8 Best Wall Hugger Recliners Reviews

Many wall hugger recliners come with different features. All the features are not really important. Also budget is a factor and it can be changed from person to person. Construction and design are also vital factors to consider. We have considered all necessary things and picked only 8 wall hugger recliners as the best. Continue reading.

1. Handy Living ProLounger Wall Hugger Microfiber Recliner Chair

Handy Living ProLounger Wall Hugger Microfiber Recliner Chair

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Our very first pick is this ProLounger wall hugger recliner by Handy Living. It stands out from all other recliner chairs because of its excellent microfiber fabric. The fabric is a hundred percent polyester and highly durable. Moreover, the plush microfiber upholstery allows more breathability compared to other materials.

The frame of this chair is made of wood. It is designed to be more spacious and oversized for the ultimate convenience of the users. Surprisingly, this recliner chair comes with some of the best features. Among them, its stain-resistance feature is more convincing.

Whereas most microfiber upholstery comes with harder ways of maintaining and cleaning, this one is exceptional. The recliner is 100% resistant to stain. Also, its cleaning is easier. Additionally, it is designed with easy assembling features. It won’t take more than 15 minutes to assemble.

Moreover, this recliner chair can be placed near the wall with only 4-inch clearance. It occupies less floor and suits anywhere you keep it whether in the bedroom or media room. Overall, with every convenient feature, this Khaki microfiber ProLounger wall hugger chair is everyone’s dream to have.

Key Features:

  • High-quality upholstery fabric and high-density foam filling.
  • Only 66.1 lbs recliner is featured with ultra-padded leg and armrests.
  • Designed with a ‘car door lever’ mechanism for easy open and reach.
  • Pocket coil springs are independently wrapped for improved comfort.

2. U-MAX Recliner Power Lift Chair, Leather Wall Hugger Recliner with Remote Control

U-MAX Recliner Power Lift Chair, Leather Wall Hugger Recliner with Remote Control

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Another top-quality and popular wall hugger recliner is this one from U-MAX. The recliner sofa is arguably most comfortable with its power-lifting mechanism.

If you are a person with extreme back pain, this chair might be the best thing for you. The power lift system works silently and the feature is equipped with the OKIN motor that is recognized with UL certification. Also, this feature can recline the chair up to a 140-degree angle.

So, you can stand up from sitting without stressing your back or knee. It is the mechanical power of the motor that can push the entire chair. Moreover, the chair has a control panel feature to obtain better control over it. Additionally, this U-MAX recliner offers some amazing features.

It is designed with eight vibration points from the areas of neck, leg, thigh, and lumber. Hence, you get a perfect massage after a long hectic day. Its five different vibration modes include auto, press, pulse, and wave. The rest of the two vibration intensities go from low to high. The lumbar area also has a heating point.

Even you can set a timer for these features to function. With all the advanced features, this U-MAX Recliner chair is not only ideal as a massage recliner but also suitable for sleeping and reading.

Key Features:

  • Combined with thick sponge, sturdy and soft leather, wood frame, and foam.
  • Equipped with electric power lift system for easy and smooth stand up.
  • Featured with a heating and vibration system for proper blood circulation.
  • Can be controlled using remote; simple maintenance required.

3. RecPro Charles Collection 30″ Zero Wall RV Recliner – Wall Hugging Recliner

RecPro Charles Collection Zero Wall RV Recliner - Wall Hugging Recliner

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Requiring the lowest space from the wall to be settled, this RecPro Charles is also one of the perfect wall hugger recliners. With a beautiful mahogany color, the chair has Faux leather upholstery. Moreover, it is a zero-wall recliner that saves space requiring only 3 inches clearance for reclining from the wall.

Its leather upholstery is trouble-free to clean as well as super comfortable. It also lasts longer beyond your imagination. Those who are looking for spacious seating options can go for this chair other than loveseats or sofas. The seat comes with 19 inches wide and 22.5 inches deep dimensions.

However, the recliner weighs only 88 pounds. This chair is also a cost-effective product since it offers the utmost benefits at the best cost. With uncompromisable qualities, this RecPro Charles Recliner has the best wall-hugging design.

Its compact design allows you to use the chair in RVs or any other smaller places. It is truly compatible with any floor plan. To ensure an elegant appearance, the recliner is designed with the Tiona-patterned style. Overall, with a sturdy metal base, the RecPro Charles 30” RV Recliner is worth having.

Key Features:

  • Featuring a modern and sleek appearance and blends with any interior.
  • Made of high-quality leather material and metal base for durability.
  • Compact and lightweight yet highly spacious for better comfort.
  • Zero-wall recliner perfect for RVs and has a scaled pattern design.

4. JC Home Sabadell Small Wall Hugger Power Lift Recliner

JC Home Sabadell Small Wall Hugger Power Lift Recliner

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We have included another recliner with the power-lift system in the list of the top wall hugger recliners. This JC Home Sabadell wall hugger recliner chair is surely worth adding since it also has some unique features. The recliner is housed with PU bonded leather upholstery for increased durability.

The upholstery has a dark brown color that makes it great in appearance. Moreover, the high-density foam, wrapped pocket coils, polyester fiber altogether make the chair super comfortable. The power-lift system provides an excellent kick-back relaxation along with easy and quick in and out.

Its contemporary design requires only 4-inch clearance from the wall to be placed. To define its appearance, in a word, it is one of the sophisticated creations from the JC Home collections. The design literally goes with any interior.

Like any other user-friendly furniture, this recliner also has easy assembling features. Overall, with the combination of modern aesthetics and advanced technology, this recliner is surely a great option.

Key Features:

  • Made of high-quality materials and reliably crafted chair.
  • Designed with contemporary style with tufting and curved contours.
  • Equipped with the power-lift mechanism for utmost relaxation.
  • Durably built with perfect dimensions and minimal assembly steps.

5. HOMCOM Electric Power Wall Hugger Recliner Chair

HOMCOM Electric Power Wall Hugger Recliner Chair

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HOMCOM is a brand that offers a great collection of wall hugger recliners and this one is the greatest among them. It is an electric power recliner that can be angled up to 150 degrees. On the side of the armrest, it is equipped with a button. You can manage the angle of the chair with the button.

Moreover, this beautifully designed recliner is constructed with a retractable footrest. So, your foot can have complete support from the chair. It is also a zero-wall recliner. Therefore, for its proper placement, the chair requires only 2.75 inches of total clearance from the wall.

It is possible because the reclining chair comes with 33 X 37 X 40.25 inches dimensions and it weighs only 86.9 pounds. So, the recliner is compact yet comfortable. However, the most convincing feature of this chair is its USB interface. It is built on the armrest side.

The USB interface turns the recliner into an ultimate power bank. Thus, you can run your tablet or cell phone without worrying much about their charge amount while sitting. In total with, ergonomic design and user-friendly features, this HOMCOM chair is an extraordinary chair.

Key Features:

  • Made with stronger steel frame and the seat has thick sponge pad.
  • The fabric is linen-feel that is also breathable and comfortable.
  • Equipped with electric power feature and retractable footrest.
  • Electric lift ensures low noise and has an advanced USB interface.

6. Domesis Gresham – Wall Hugger Reclining Chair

Domesis Gresham – Wall Hugger Reclining Chair

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To slay both style and comfort together, you should look for this Domesis Gresham wall hugger reclining chair. This excellent recliner is worth keeping in your media room or living room. With the easiest and quickest assembling features, the chair adds an excellent look to your room.

The frame structure of the reclining chair is made from solid wood. Its back legs are angled for added strength and comfort. Moreover, the upholstery comes with soft and stylish cotton fabric. These materials feel so good when you seat or rest your arm on them. It is also easy to maintain and clean.

The recliner is available in dark gray color. This amazing color suits most of the décor styles. Even according to the users’ experience, this Domesis recliner is slaying since 2018. Till now, it has managed to gather its very own fanbase.

Like any other best recliners, this chair is also filled with foam full of density. Also, the pocket coil spring system approves its versatility. Within 15 minutes of assembling, you can have a custom seat ready for you.

Key Features:

  • Made of hardwood frame and low-pile cotton upholstery.
  • The tufted back is tailored stitched for added convenience and style.
  • Comfortable side handle and ultra-padded armrests.
  • Sturdy spring seating and insulated clips for reduced noise.

7. Best Massage Store Electric Power Massage Wall Hugger Recliner Chair

Best Massage Store Electric Power Massage Wall Hugger Recliner Chair

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For the best massaging capabilities at the cheapest rate, we have selected the BestMassage wall hugger recliner. It comes with different functionality and easy to follow manual. Most probably this chair is the fanciest looking one on our list at this budget-friendly rate.

This power-lift chair is designed to hold up to a weight of 250 lbs. To ensure its capability, the recliner comes with five massage modes and two intensities. These features allow you to relax. The right side of the recliner has a pocket so that you can keep a remote or cell phone in it.

The lifting mechanism of this furniture is also easy. It slightly tilts after lifting and offers a gentle slide for easy standing up of the user. Hence, your knees and back will remain totally stress-free.

With two attached buttons, you can easily control the recliner. It is equipped with a corded remote-control system so that the remote never get lost. With intelligent control, built-in massaging, and diversified features, this electric chair lift is a smart one.

Key Features:

  • Lifting power mechanism for easy standing upright.
  • Comes with a side pocket and an extra USB charging port.
  • Offers versatile massage modes on different points for relaxation.
  • Easy to use feature, easy assembling and low-maintenance.

8. Esright Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair, Electric Wall Hugging Recliner

Esright Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair, Electric Wall Hugging Recliner

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Our very last yet worth pick for the best wall hugger upholstered armchair is this environment-friendly Esright electric power lift recliner. With both massaging and heating options, this recliner is a great help for elderly people with back pain. For added comfort, the upholstery of the recliner is overstuffed and padded with sponges.

Moreover, the faux leather offers a warm and soft feeling to the body along with anti-pilling and anti-felting effects. The frame base is made of wood boards that are free from formaldehyde. Its motor recliner is also silent and it ensures a controlled footrest.

It is highly ergonomic hence you get a reclining angle of about 150 degrees. Its simultaneous massage and vibration allow its users to forget a stressful day. Its back has a heating system as well that plays a great role in relaxation.

Also, it is a lazy boy recliner that provides an extended footrest. So, you can rest your leg stretching it fully. For ample storage confirmation, the chair has four side pockets. Overall, with one year of technical support, this Esright recliner will make your life easy.

Key Features

  • Overstuffed pillow for a comfortable seat, armrest, and backrest.
  • 8-point remote-control vibration mechanism and four side pockets.
  • 2 level intensities and 5 vibration modes for a comfortable massage.
  • Infinite reclining positions and retractable backrest and footrest.

Final Words

Our best wall hugger recliner reviews are constructed to fulfill everyone’s dream. No matter what’s your budget or demand, you can pick the right one from the list above.

However, the Handy Living ProLounger wall hugger recliner chair is our preferred choice as it includes everything that the best recliner should have. If you think this recliner requires some extra costs, no worries, you can select one that is affordable. All the reviewed recliners are designed to fulfill your utmost reclining needs.

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